Keep Your Vehicle Firing on All Cylinders

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These days, there's a lot of special automotive programming work that goes into making a car work properly. When something isn't right with one of your car's control units or computers, it can create all types of issues. Thankfully, Kevin's Automotive Diagnostics and Programming LLC in Cana, VA can fix these issues for you.

Our shop can handle all sorts of automotive programming work. We'll run a full diagnostic check on your components and see what's not working. Then, we'll reprogram the faulty modules as needed.

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Service for all your modules

Service for all your modules

Our automotive programming services are available for any electrical component or computer control module. That includes your:

  • Powertrain Control Modules
  • Body Control Modules
  • Transmission Control Modules
  • Immobilizer modules
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Electronic Break Control Module
  • Trailor Break Control Modules
  • Front Control Modules
  • Climate Control Modules
  • Radio Control Modules

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